logoWhat is the Bishops’ Foundation?

The Foundation is a legally-registered body set up by the SACBC (The Southern African Catholic Bishops’ Conference) with a properly constituted board of trustee to manage the money donated to the Catholic Church by means of this campaign.

What Campaign?

The campaign is to raise R50 million to maintain and help the Church to grow. This money will be invested and only the interest used to support the different ministries in the Church.

Why do we need this money?

For years the Catholic Church here locally has been depending on funding from overseas to maintain much of its charitable activities. Now the time has come for us to build a self-sustaining Church.

Give me an example of where the Church needs money

The simplest example would be the education of young men for the priesthood. Other Church ministries are included such as supporting the work of evangelization, youth work and also supporting charitable projects such as shelters for the homeless and soup kitchens.