The Foundation of the Southern African Catholic Bishops ‘Conference (SACBC) came into existence with the signing of the Constitution in 2010.

For many years the Church in Southern Africa has been dependent on overseas donors and with the coming of democracy, foreign donors now see this as an opportune time for the local church to become self-sustaining. An added important factor is the negative effect of the recession overseas on the availability of funds which could be directed to the church here.

The SACBC decided in 2009 to establish a fundraising committee to raise and administer funds for a capital account for the running of the Secretariat of the SACBC and for specific welfare and humanitarian, education & development and health care projects of the SACBC. In June 2009 Fr. Brian Reid of the diocese of Durban was appointed as the co-ordinator for Fundraising and he presented his plan and the need for a focus on a Foundation with untouchable capital. The aim was to raise R50 million which would provide for a self- sustaining Church at SACBC level. This concept of a Foundation was incorporated into the Fundraising initiative.

An application was made to SARS for registration of the Foundation as Public Benefit Organization on the 15 December 2010. SARS replied on the 2 March 2011 confirming that the application had been approved for purposes of section 18A(1)(b) of the Act and donations to the organization will be tax deductible in the hands of the donors in terms of and subject to the limitations prescribed in section 18A of the Act. The Public Benefit Organization (PBO) number given by SARS is 930033792.

At an Annual General Meeting of the trustees of the Foundation in January 2015 it was agreed that Fr. Barney McAleer take responsibility for the Foundation and its promotion. It was also agreed that grants be made regularly to worthy causes indicative of Catholic Social  Action and falling within the parameters laid down by SARS.